Dental Implants Support USA Women’s Soccer


Dental Implants Baton Rouge LA dentist Dr. Barksdale wants to show his support for the USA Women’s Soccer team as they approach the World Cup Finals this Sunday, while explaining why dental implants are a great solution for missing teeth as opposed to porcelain veneers.

As we find ourselves in the same position as the last World Cup in the Women’s Finals, these ladies face off against the Japanese for the title once again. We expect big things from our beloved Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan, and Megan Rapinoe as they seek revenge for the devastating PK final goal Japan managed to sneak past Solo in 2011. Being huge supporters of this team, their ability, skill and their spirit, Dr. Barksdale and his staff at Barksdale Dentistry want to cheer on this young women to the World Cup victory.

In light of this anticipated performance, Dr. Barksdale has been inspired to share why dental implants are the perfect, permanent solution for athletic facial traumas. For patients that are not aware, generally dentists discourage professional athletes from getting porcelain veneers until the end of their careers. If you think about it, it makes sense. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on perfect teeth as you continue to put them at risk throughout games and practices?

Dental implants provide the perfect solution as they reveal the same porcelain luster, without the worry of knocking them off of the teeth. Dental implants are permanently embedded into the jawbone and through the process of osseointegration, which allows them to form the ability to function and perform just as the real teeth in the mouth. This process generally lasts 4-6 months and requires a 3-4 month recovery period in which the patients should strictly follow the dentist’s instructions regarding resting, eating, drinking, exercising and cleaning.

Not only do these solutions offer permanent and comfortable support, but they even work to restore the oral and dental health of the patient over time. With each and every bite with dental implants, patients are able to strengthen the structure of their teeth, gum tissue and jawbone. Porcelain veneers are a nice option for patients that are looking to side on the sidelines, but when you are on the turf ripping it up, dental implants are a much more sensible option.

Plenty of times athletes have collided, run into goal posts or have experienced the smack of the soccer ball into the mouth or face, this can actually be considered quite a common occurrence in this sport. Mouth guards, unlike other sports, are not even utilized which creates a larger risk for facial injuries and traumas. For those that have unfortunately experienced dental issues as a result of this lack of protection, damaged or missing teeth should be filled in with dental implants.

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Join us in cheering on these iconic women in the battle of the year on Sunday, July the 15th. We look forward to seeing these ladies maneuver, dribble and tackle their way to the title. We encourage the women of this team to consider the tooth loss solution of dental implants, as well as their loyal fans experiencing tooth loss. If you are interested in receiving successful dental implants, contact us today at (225) 228-4331.

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