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Gum Recession Treatment - Baton Rouge, LA

Gums Disappearing? Teeth Growing Sensitive?

Have Full, Healthy Gums Again

Your gums are a natural protective barrier for your teeth. You can gradually lose that important barrier due to a variety of factors, including aggressive tooth brushing, tobacco product use, and heredity. When this happens, your teeth become more sensitive, and yellowish roots begin to show. Your gumline looks uneven and can make you feel self-conscious. Left untreated, gum recession can even lead to tooth loss and jawbone loss. In practice since 1975, Dr. John Barksdale has dual certifications and is one of a select group of accredited dentists in Louisiana. He’s qualified to provide two effective treatments to reverse receding gums in Baton Rouge, LA.

What Gum Recession Treatment Gives You

Two Ways to Reverse Gum Recession

Repositioning Gum Tissue
Dr. Barksdale is specially trained and certified to perform the innovative Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique to reverse receding gums. He starts by making a small hole in the gums just above or below the recession site, opens and loosens the gum tissue with a special dental instrument, then pulls it over the area of missing gums. With well-practiced cosmetic dentistry skill, he carefully shapes the gum tissue around the tooth for a healthy, natural, consistent look. Finally, he uses collagen strips in place of sutures to secure your gums. You’ll see the dramatic results of this procedure as soon as it’s completed!
Transplanting Gum Tissue
Gum grafting is a procedure in which Dr. Barksdale removes a small portion of healthy tissue from your palate (the roof of your mouth) or from in front of a tooth that has excessive gum tissue. He then attaches the tissue to the gums in the recessed areas. The gum grafts will gradually grow together with the existing tissue, restoring your gumline and normal tooth sensitivity. You’ll have more stable teeth and a more pleasing tooth-to-gum ratio that will enable you to smile with complete confidence again.

Have Receding Gums?