Laser Gum Disease Treatment - Baton Rouge, LA

Scalpel-Free, Scare-Free Dentistry

Minimum Invasiveness, Maximum Effectiveness

Gum disease brings with it sore gums, the possibility of tooth and jawbone loss, and even systemic health issues. Misch-trained, accredited, and dual-certified dentist Dr. John Barksdale has the most effective weapon against the disease possible: an intense, focused beam of light. With advanced laser technology and techniques including the famed LANAP® protocol, he can destroy disease-causing bacteria and remove infected tissue with ease. No invasive sharp instruments needed! Laser gum disease treatment in Baton Rouge, LA has transformed the way our patients receive care and heal afterward. Its benefits are unmatched.

Why Use Laser?

Laser Gum Disease Treatment Options

Experience the Light Approach to Gum Disease