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Painful, Rotten or Impacted Tooth?

Effective Tooth Pain Relief and Beyond

A broken tooth or rotten tooth is often fixable with a filling and/or a new crown. While Dr. John Barksdale always attempts to save a natural tooth, in some cases your teeth may be untreatable and require extractions. An extensively trained general and cosmetic dentist with multiple board certifications, Dr. Barksdale will recommend the best course of treatment for your bad tooth. When necessary, he can alleviate your pain and other problems with tooth extractions in Baton Rouge, LA.

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Conditions That Can Require Tooth Extractions

Extraction Services

Tooth Extractions
Dr. Barksdale starts the extraction process by giving you the appropriate type of anesthesia to keep you calm and pain-free. For general tooth extractions, he typically uses a pair of forceps to loosen and pull the tooth free from the jawbone. While this will end your tooth pain and decay, you shouldn’t consider it the last step of treatment.

A pulled tooth leaves an awkward, unsightly gap in your smile and can eventually cause recession in the bone underneath. You can prevent both with dental implants , which Dr. Barksdale can often place the same day! With training from the acclaimed Misch International Implant Institute and board certifications from two leading implant bodies, he provides comprehensive restorative treatment with exceptional expertise.
Wisdom Tooth Extractions
Wisdom teeth usually break through the gums starting in our late teens. When they don’t erupt fully or at all, they’re considered impacted. Wisdom teeth often endanger neighboring healthy teeth by pressing against them and are usually hard to clean, making them more prone to decay. If wisdom teeth are causing you pain or overcrowding other teeth, they must be removed.

For this procedure Dr. Barksdale sedates you before opening your gums and removing the teeth in whole or in sections. Not all general dentists perform this more complex type of oral surgery. Once your wisdom teeth are gone, they don’t need to be replaced, so you won’t have to worry about them ever again!

Take Care of Extraction Sites!

Following a tooth extraction, it’s important for you to take good care of the extraction sites. During the healing process, a blood clot normally forms in an empty tooth socket. If one doesn’t form or it becomes dislodged, you can suffer a painful complication known as dry socket. The pain is due to exposed nerves and bone in the extraction site. To avoid dry socket, follow ALL the post-care instructions Dr. Barksdale gives you.

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