Top 4 Dental Implant Facts


1. Prevention of Gum Disease

Dental implants have the ability to prevent patients from developing harmful and dangerous diseases in the gums with their non- decay, biocompatible material that fuses naturally into the patient’s jawbone. Patients do not understand how awful spaces in the gums can be; unhealthy and irritated gum tissue that is exposed to bacteria and decay directly becomes victim to diseases and infections that can create life- threatening illnesses. The inflammation that is created can travel through the blood vessels in the mouth and can find its way to the heart chamber and even brain tissue. This is one of dental implant’s greatest advantages and can significantly increase patient’s chances of living longer lives.

2. Artificial Teeth

Thanks to a process called osseointegration, dental implants are given the ability to function and perform just as well, if not better, than the patient’s natural teeth. During this process, the implants are gently embedded into the patient’s jawbone, which allows their permanent and comfortable fit into the mouth. This process generally ranges from 4-6 months, depending on how many implants the patient’s needs. The density of the teeth and jaw strengthen with healthy exercise and movement of biting and chewing and over time can cause the remaining teeth to function better and longer. Compared to the other tooth loss solutions, a dental implant is the only solution that possess the ability to provide protection from gum disease while increasing the density in the teeth.

3. No Files Involved

Unlike dental bridges, dental implants do not require the filing down of the remaining and “healthy” teeth. This can cause the existing teeth to become vulnerable and more susceptible to decay by reducing their enamel shields and violating the actual tooth with bacteria, plaque and decay. Dentists did not realize before, that by doing this, they were contributing to the dental destruction and grim future of the patient’s teeth. As we mentioned earlier, the process of osseointegration allows dental implants to function just as well as the patient’s original teeth while strengthening them in the process.

4. The Right Form

Now, if patients neglect their teeth and gums long enough and resist the necessary and vital dental treatments, eventually they can lose the proper physical formation of their jaws and faces. Patients that tend to suffer from gum disease can suffer from physical devastation to their jawbones, which can cause an unfortunate deformation appearance that is not hard to notice. Just as dental implants work to restore the density of the teeth, they also work to increase the strength and density in the patient’s jawbone. This works against risks of developing physical deformation that tooth loss or gum disease can bring.

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Dental implants possess so many advantages that can work to restore and rebuild the strength and structure of patient’s oral cavities, as well as their overall oral health. Everything about dental implants, from their physical composition to their integration process, is completely natural. If you are interested in these life- changing solutions, call us today to schedule your dental implant consultation with Dr. Barksdale at (225) 228-4331.

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