The Inside Out Emotions of Teeth


Dental Implants Baton Rouge LA dentist Dr. Barksdale wants to share his insight on the new Pixar movie Inside Out.

This movie was an animated perception of the human emotions and how they work on a regular basis. In the movie, Pixar went as far as giving the characters personalities that embodied their emotions to playfully show the way we make decisions and experience different feelings at different times.






These were the five main characters in the movie that created the entirety of Riley’s personality. Although this was quite a sad film, the ending brought the emotions in life full circle.

We do not want to give anything away in case you have not had the chance to see it but, basically Joy came to the realization that sadness was necessary for Riley to feel complete. There are times that require or result in a negative emotion that are completely warranted and almost make us feel better after we sort out these hurtful emotions.

This got us thinking, if teeth were an emotion, what would they be?


At first, we came up with fear. There are so many harmful substances that patients consume daily that hurt and destroy all regions in the oral cavity. Soda, desserts, alcohol, coffee, candy, cake, cookies, vinegar, juice, the list goes on and on. All they want is for us to clean them properly and eat the right foods that make them healthier and happier, which is not asking a lot is it?

In this case, fear would be the defining emotion considering these external factors erode their protective gear that we call enamel and rot them alive. If you think about it, teeth are living things as bizarre as that is.

Then we started to add Disgust and Anger to the list as teeth can decide to give up and completely fall out. Next we pondered Sadness– unhealthy teeth are considered sad teeth, right? Yellowish, infected, decaying, rotting…

Joy? Very few teeth would be considered happy, maybe celebrity teeth since they are receiving the best quality treatment and products possible. Those rare sets of teeth are pampered beyond belief and don’t know the common living conditions of “regular” peoples’ mouths.

If we consider teeth as living and breathing, existing characteristics in our lives, we find that they possess all of the emotions that we do and the same struggles, as well as deserve the same respect. Having said that, we do our best to provide better dental health to our patients at Barksdale Family Dentistry to help teeth achieve the highest levels of joy possible.

Our secret? Dental implants. For patients that are missing a tooth or completely, their smile and teeth could be classified as sad or disgusted until they experience the freedom of dental implants. As the leading tooth loss solution in the dental industry, dental implants are able to function and perform just as real teeth in the mouth.

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