The History of Dental Implants


Unbeknownst to many, dental implants have been around for centuries. Although it’s taken quite some time to get to the advanced stage we’re in today, the invention of dental implants dates back to 2000 BC with the Chinese.

Who Made Dental Implants First?

Before technology was invented, dental implants began their transition into the natural looking prosthetic teeth we have available today. Everyone from the Chinese to the Egyptians took revolutionary steps at replacing teeth with the limited tools they had. Etruscans, Celts, Romans, Phoenicians, and Mayans were others that helped in the development of dental implants.

The First Materials Used

Some of the objects used to fill missing gaps in their smiles included, bamboo pegs, animal teeth, copper, iron, gold, and even human teeth from either cadavers or underprivileged donors. They used gold wires to secure teeth and even created bridges.

It wasn’t until 1952 when Dr. Leonard Linkow, a Swedish dentist, discovered bone flow and its relationship to bone healing that dental implants took a revolutionary turn. Following that discovery, Dr. Branemark placed the first dental implant into a willing human volunteer in the 1960’s.

Today dental implants are highly successful and are a great way to restore oral function and maintain dental health. Not only do modern implants look natural, they feel natural too and can help give you the confidence to face every day with a smile.

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