Three Reasons to Stay Away from Soda


Did you know that the erosive properties of soda is ten times higher than fruit juices in the first few minutes of drinking it? You may want to rethink what beverages you’re consuming to cool down this summer. Although sodas may be refreshing and convenient to buy because it is sold everywhere, the damage that soda causes far outweighs the positives. Drinking soda in excess can cause oral issues like tooth decay, enamel erosion and tooth loss. If you’re suffering from tooth loss already, we offer dental implants as a premiere option for tooth restoration. Here at Barksdale Dentistry, we believe the best thing you can do is cut soda out of your diet for the sake of your oral health. Today, Dr. John Barksdale is blogging from Baton Rouge, LA to explain why you should avoid soda.

Tooth Damage from Soda

  1. Sugar Content – Most sodas on the market contain an excess amount of sugar. Sure, sugar isn’t damaging to your teeth alone, but it can be deadly when it mixes with bacteria in your mouth. Sugar and bacteria mixes together to create an acidic substance that errodes tooth enamel.
  2. Citric Acid – While sugar is added to soda to make it sweet, citric acid is added to provide tartness. Tangy, sharp tastes of fruit sodas and colas use the citric acid the enhance the flavor. Acids added to sodas help with flavor and the longevity of shelf life. Like the acidic substance created with sugar and bacteria, citric acid causes tooth enamel erosion. Enamel is important because it protect teeth from the day-to-day wear it endures.
  3. Same Effect as Drugs – Soda has often been compared to drugs because it seems to have addictive qualities for many soda drinkers. It turns out that soda can also create teeth similar to drug users. A case study revealed that the teeth of a meth user had the same amount of tooth damage as a compulsive soda drinker. That fact alone should convince you to stay away from soda for the sake of your oral health.

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