Healthy Seafood is Saving Smiles


Last time we talked about the various reason you should stay away from soda. Today, dental implants Baton Rouge, LA provider Dr. Barksdale and the rest of his staff want to branch off of this food related topic, but spin it around. We want to tell you why you should start eating more of a certain cuisine, and that cuisine is fish and seafood.

According to the results of some very interesting studies, fish and seafood may just be the next big thing in oral health and were going to tell you why.

Eating to Improve Oral Health

When it comes to improving the health of your mouth, there are plenty of different things you can eat to boost the strength and defense system of your teeth. For example, dairy products are famous for supporting strong teeth and bones due to the high levels of calcium that items in this food group possess.

Then there are fresh fruits and veggies, which help to protect your teeth from decay as a result of the fiber they contain. Fiber is a natural stimulant for the production of saliva, and saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against bacteria.

But What About Your Gums?

Unfortunately, it seems that many times when people embark on the journey to improve their oral health, teeth are the main focus and gum tissue is overlooked altogether. This is distressing to dentists, especially when considering their patients who have dental implants.

The truth is that your gum tissue plays just as important a role in your overall oral health as your teeth do. in fact, aside from your jawbone itself, gum tissue is actually what holds a dental implant in place.

Seafood is Fighting the Good Fight For Your Gums!

This is where the good news concerning fish and seafood comes in and will have anglers everywhere jumping for joy. Recent research is revealing that we can help keep our gums healthy by consuming plenty of omega-3 fatty acids.

Guess what food item contains gobs of omega-3’s?

That’s right, fish and seafood.

It is already a well-established fact that omega-3’s are one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories. Their role in cardiovascular health has long since been acknowledged by the medical community. Recent studies are now revealing that the latest beneficiaries of omega-3’s are our gums.

Where To Get Some Seafood Locally

Now, heading out to the nearest body of water and casting out a line with the hopes of reeling in your own dinner may not be at the top of everyone’s to-do list. And some people may not just be in the mood to cook. If either of these apply to you, don’t worry. There are plenty of places in town where you can have a delicious seafood meal caught, prepped, and cooked for you.

Now, to make the task of actually choosing a place to eat just a little easier, we’ve decided to suggest one of our favorite local spots to get a bite of fish.

Parrain’s Seafood Restaurant was opened in 2001 and has been a booming seafood eatery ever since. They are located right here in our hometown of Baton Rouge, LA and thank goodness for that, folks, because these guys dish up some seriously good grub. They exclusively and proudly ONLY serve gulf coast seafood, so not only are you supporting your local community, but you’re eating fresh food as well.

If you are looking for something to try on their menu first, one of our favorite selections is the Delacroix, which is grilled fish topped with shrimp in a creole mustard sauce. YUMMY!

Until next time readers, eat some seafood and keep smiling.

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