Titanium For Dental Implants

Many patients chose dental implants over other tooth replacement options because they are strong, durable and permanent. You may ask how they are so strong and the reason is largely because of their titanium composition. Continue reading to find out about the history of titanium and why it is ideal for the composition of dental implants.

The History Of Titanium

Titanium was discovered as an element in 1791 by a man named William Gregor. As one of the metallic elements, titanium is well known for its flexibility and strength. Additionally, titanium has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio and the ability to resist corrosion. These properties make it an ideal material for many important uses. Titanium is also routinely combined with other metals for use in a broad range of medical and construction projects. Through the years it has been used or vehicles, tools and other large industrial uses.

Titanium is most commonly used today in aerospace and sporting goods. Items like golf clubs, shoes, machines and internal parts often take advantage of the strength of titanium. However, titanium is also included in toothpaste. Surprisingly, this versatile metal is included in titanium dioxide, a property used to give toothpaste bright, white shades.

Titanium’s Medical Uses

Long after it began being used in many commercial applications, researchers discovered that titanium was vastly suitability for bone replacement. In the 1950’s doctors began conducting experiments with rabbit ears. In the course of their studies they discovered that the material fused wonderfully with bone and other tissues. This process was dubbed osseointegration and was used to perfectly describe how the metal implant was able to fuse with a patient’s jawbone in a strong and long-lasting way.

Besides its many other valuable uses, titanium is also biocompatible. What this means is that the material is non-toxic and can be successfully for medical applications like joint replacement, dental implant fixtures and many other useful medical purposes. Even today, doctors continue to find new uses and applications for titanium and its alloys.

Are There Risks To Titanium Use?

Allergies to titanium are extremely rare. And according to most doctors and researchers, the majority of the population need not worry about interactions with titanium. However, a small portion of the population (less than 10%), is allergic to titanium. If you suspect you have a titanium allergy and want to get dental implants, ask your doctor to perform an allergy test to evaluate your response to titanium.

If you would like to know more about titanium and how it will be used for your dental implants, contact Dr. Barksdale or one of his helpful staff members today for a consultation.

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