How Alcohol Can Be Dangerous To Dental Implants

Getting dental implants is a serious decision that can bring many benefits to your health. However, after you get dental implants and during the healing period, there are things that should be avoided to ensure that your dental implant treatment is successful. Most doctors recommend that patients avoid tobacco products and alcohol. Both products irritate tissues in your mouth, reduce healthy saliva production and create an unhealthy pH balance in the mouth.

Here are some additional reasons to avoid alcohol before, during and after your dental implants procedure:

1) Vitamin and mineral absorption. According to doctors and scientists, alcohol reduces critical vitamin and mineral absorption. To ensure proper healing, your body needs vitamins and minerals before and after surgery. These same nutrients also help accelerate osseointegration (the process where your jawbone grows into and around the dental implant to form a strong anchor). The over-consumption of alcohol prevents proper nutrient ingestion and utilization, and should therefore be avoided.

2) Dehydration. Proper and healthy hydration is critical after dental implant surgery. Moist tissues heal better and allow you to start chewing again normally with greater speed. Alcohol dehydrates tissues in the mouth and should be avoided for proper tissue health after surgery.

3) Blood clotting. Alcohol causes problems with the body’s ability to blood clot. Studies have also shown that alcohol may reduce the body’s ability to form clots and close wounds. These can be dangerous because open wounds significantly increase the risk of dental implant failure.

4) Negative interactions with medications. According to medical studies, alcohol can interact with painkillers and antibiotics and make them less effective. Consequently, patients should avoid alcohol for at least a week after the first stage of your dental implant procedure. Further, patients on painkillers are advised to avoid it all together to avoid dangerous interactions after their dental implants procedure.

5) Inflammation and sensitivity. The components in alcohol dilate blood vessels in the mouth. This can cause your teeth and gums to be sensitive to pain and inflammation. Avoiding inflammation and pain after surgery is important, to skip the celebratory drink after your procedure.

6) Bone deterioration. Heavy drinking over long periods can lead to serious and dangerous bone loss, especially in the jaw. And since dental implant longevity depends upon preserving the density of the jawbone, alcohol could put your chances of long term dental implant success in jeopardy.

7) Reduction of inhibitions. According to scientific studies, alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes patients more likely to smoke. And because smoking is more dangerous than drinking, doctors suggest avoiding both.

8) Change in oral pH balance. Alcohol creates an acidic environment in the mouth. Alcohol can upset the natural pH balance in the mouth and make the environment more prone to disease, infection, inflammation and tooth decay. For these reasons, alcohol should be avoided.

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