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This morning, dental implants provider Dr. John Barksdale and the rest of his staff at Barksdale Dentistry in Baton Rouge, LA found ourselves in a rather enthusiastic conversation about food. More specifically, where some of the best places to are in the colorful city. Of course, there were quite a few suggestions made, as everyone has certain restaurants that they like to frequent. However, there was one place, in particular, that everyone could agree upon as being fantastic, and so this place was given the title of “best in Baton Rouge.” Well, at least in our humble opinions anyway.

Mansurs’ is Serving up the Best in Baton Rouge

Mansurs on the Boulevard is, without a doubt, one of the best gems in this city – a real local treasure. It’s actually difficult for us to understand how this restaurant doesn’t have more reviews on yelp because realistically their reviews should range in the high hundreds for how incredible their food is.

Aside from that, one of our favorite things about Mansurs’ is the fact that their menu is an amazing Creole powerhouse of cuisine. Not only does creole have deep roots here in our community, but the food in creole cooking often contains lots of seafood. If you didn’t already know, fish and seafood are great for your oral health, especially your gums, due to its high omega-3 fatty acid content. So, or course, any restaurant that specialized in seafood, and does it well, is going to rate high in our books. Mansurs on the Boulevard excels in both seafood and fine creole cuisine.

What Makes Mansurs so Magnificent?

This incredible eatery opened its doors in 1989 and in the years since then, many of its signature dishes have been copied at other local restaurants, but never quite duplicated. There is just something about Mansurs’ that no one can quite pin down.

In 2003, Mansurs’ moved from its original location on Corporate Boulevard to its now current location in Village Square off of College Drive and blossomed with a constant influx of hotel guest patrons, business clientele and, of course, locals. The atmosphere in Mansurs continues to do nothing more than add to the many reasons this establishment has stood the test of time.

There are two places to choose from in which you can dine when walking into Mansurs’. There’s the lively bar area, complete with high bar stools and full bar service, where music fills the air and guests can have appetizers like oysters shucked right before their eyes. Then there is the official dining area which is much more intimate – crisp dining linens cover polished tables and soft jazz music correlates perfectly with each softly lit room.

All of this atmosphere is achieved before food is even introduced to the equation. It truly is magnificent and sets you up for a relaxing or exciting dining experience you won’t soon forget.

So What’s on the Menu?

Now that you know a little about the history and style of Mansurs’, we bet you are wondering what they serve up, and if it lives up to the picture we have painted for you here today.

In short, the food at Mansurs on the Boulevard does not live up to the high expectations we may have created in you by now – it will exceed them. It always does each and every time any of us visit, and on the rare occasion that something is slightly askew, we need only mention it and the warm staff takes care of it immediately, no questions asked!

To make matters even more enticing, Mansurs’ proudly serves only local golf coast seafood, which means your meal is going to be fresh. Here are a few of our favorite items from the menu that you simply must try if you happen to stop by.

  • Cream of Brie and Crabmeat Soup

This selection is pretty self-explanatory, and consists of an incredibly delicious soup made from fresh crab meat and turned into a creamy delight with the help of Brie cheese. Simply to die for.

  • Ultimate Alfredeaux

This entrée is a serious seafood treat. Crabmeat, crawfish, and shrimp tossed with pasta in a creamy Parmesan sauce.

We hope to see you at Mansurs on the Boulevard soon!

Until next time readers, keep smiling.

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