A Healthy Halloween for Your Teeth


In our last post, dental implants provider Dr. Barksdale and the rest of his staff at Barksdale Dentistry in Baton Rouge, LA spoke about different tooth fairy traditions from around the world. Today, with Halloween just a few days away, we want to talk about how you can help protect your smile during this season celebrated by the consumption of candy.

Making Halloween a Little Easier on Your Teeth

We all know it’s hard to resist the urge to overload on candy this time of year. After all, eating candy is just as much a part of the Halloween season as giving it away is. However, Halloween doesn’t have to be a nightmare for your teeth if you don’t want it to. We have gathered together a few of the best tips we can think of that will help you get through the season of spooks with your oral health intact.

Keep Healthy Snacks Out in Your House and with You at All Times

During Halloween season, it seems like candy is everywhere. Bowls of it are placed out in the open at banks, grocery stores, nail salons and even the offices we work in. all of this can make it very difficult to resist the sweet alluring call candy has this time of year. However, one of the best ways to battle the urge to indulge is to make sure you stay full. However, when we say full we mean full of healthy foods. The less hungry you are when you see candy, the less likely you are to succumb.

Keep healthy snacks like bowls of spiced nuts and fruit out on the counter in your house. While you are out and about try keeping things like apples, water, and veggies sticks around you. If you catch yourself getting peckish, reach for one of these instead of a mini Twix (though, it’s OK to treat yourself sometimes, just remember that moderation is key when it comes to health).

Don’t Buy Too Much Candy

When it comes to keeping your smile happy this Halloween the key is to make sure you don’t tempt yourself either. When you head to the store this year, make sure you only but one oversized bag of trick-or-treat candy to hand out to all the little ghouls and goblins this year. It’s better to run out than have a bunch of candy left over. If you have a bunch left over you are more likely to sneak pieces from it here and there, every day until the left over are gone. This is what we want to avoid.

Leave the Bag Sealed Until Halloween Night

This is another great tip that will aid in your effort to not temp yourself. When you buy the candy you plan on handing out this Halloween night, place it in the bag of the pantry, out of sight, and leave the bag sealed. You will be much less likely to steal pieces from it if it is out of sight and the seal has not yet been broken. It may not seem like this will help much, but trust us, it’s a mental thing.

Until next time readers, have a happy Halloween and keep smiling.

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