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Dental Implants Baton Rouge, LA dentist Dr. Barksdale found a silly dental implant link that he wants to share with patients, along with the importance of properly maintaining dental implants.

Something fun and silly that we ran across, as fans of rugby, was dental implants with formed bottle opener crown tops. This, of course is a joke/ play off of the well known reputation that rugby players like to throw back a few, but we found the idea quite intriguing.

Although we flinched at the sight of the wincing players trying to use their new bottle cap shaped dental implants, we embrace the creativity and functionality that these could bring to people. Granted, we hope that people would responsibly use these on occasion and we obviously are not crazy about putting the remaining teeth at risk of abrasions and cracks.

Throughout the ad, the players’ dental implant process is actually shown with some quite grotesque shots of incisions in the gums and actual placement of the uniquely formed dental implant. From what we can tell, this was a real dentist located in Argentina, that actually composed a dental implant with a bottle cap crown on the surface that allowed players to “pop one off” whenever they felt like tossing back a cold one. As we can imagine, if this was real, it could cause quite a stir in the bottle opener world, but as of right now these Argentinian rugby players are the only to sport this fashionable and functional idea.

This ad sparked a trigger in our minds to alert our patients how taking proper care of their dental implants is vital to their ability to function for extended periods of time. Clearly, we advise the opposite of what this ad represents for not only dental implants, but actual teeth as well. Our teeth are strong and sturdy but they are not natural bottle cap openers and were never meant to function as so.

Now, although patients may be aware of the fact that dental implants are comprised of non- decay material, this does not mean that they can neglect caring for these implants just as they did their natural teeth. It is so easy to take for granted the luxuries of the world, our teeth being one hidden luxury that we do not treasure until they are unhealthy or lost completely. In our opinion, dental implants are a luxury as well that need to appreciated to sustain their range of capabilities.

Just so patients are aware, the dangers of dental implant neglect can result in the development of Peri- implantiti, which is the destruction of soft and hard tissue surrounding the dental implants. This disease is quite serious and can affect the actual bone around the implants as well as the gum tissue. Patients that develop this unfortunate disease may need to have the implants extracted in order for the gum and bone to heal. There are times, depending on the damage, patients need to wait an entire year to recover from this oral devastation, if they still want dental implants in the future.

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It is more than vital that patients realize the severity of neglecting their dental implants and what the consequences can be. Although we thoroughly enjoyed the playful ad that you can view here, we will never advise patients to partake in dangerous activities that could potentially put the teeth in harms way. Call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barksdale today for dental implants at (225) 228-4331.

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