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In case you didn’t already know, today is national beer day. Here in Baton Rouge, LA we have no shortage of amazing places to get a tasty drink. With that being said dental implant provider Dr. Barksdale and the rest of his staff at Barksdale Dentistry could not be more excited to celebrate this minor holiday properly with an ice cold brew.

Now, you might be wondering why we give a hoot at all about national beer day. If you read the blog, we posted last month you would know that the reason we encourage celebrating national beer day by having a beer is hops. Hops – one of the main ingredients in beer – has some amazing antimicrobial properties that can be great for your oral health. With that being said, in honor of national beer day, we have decided to take a momentary break from our normally dental themed blog posts and tell you a little about our favorite local bar – Olive Or Twist.

Have a Great Drink at Olive or Twist

One thing that Olive Or Twist is famous for, aside from its clever name, is its mixed drinks. On reviewer on Yelp boldly states that Olive Or Twist makes the “hands down one of the best French 75’s I’ve ever had.”

Wow! What a statement.

“Cocktail bars traditionally have been places of civility and sophistication. Different from saloons, where the point was to become inebriated rapidly and economically, the cocktail bar was a place where ladies and gentlemen went to socialize in a productive and cultured way.

Accordingly, Olive or Twist receives its inspiration from:

the golden age of bartending, when places like the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans offered eclectic drinks for less than $1

and the new age of cocktails, with drinks composed of uncommon ingredients, seasonal fruit juices, house-made syrups, herbs, bitters, and infusions.” –oliveortwistbr.com

But, In Honor of Beer, Let’s Have a Beer

However, today isn’t about French 75’s or other mixed drinks, it’s about beer, and so beer we shall drink. Responsibly of course. Olive or Twist may have a bevy of cocktail options for you to sift through, but they also have some incredibly creative beers available. Even some that are made by the bartender himself which do, indeed, involve some mixing.

Here are a few of the beers you can get at Olive or Twist and why these selections make them our choice for celebrating national beer day.

  • Bartender’s Handshake

This tasty treat is a beer cocktail made from Budweiser and Fernet-Branca. Yum!

  • Tailgater

This selection is our all-time favorite from Olive Or Twist because it is a glass of ice cold Tin Roof Blonde and a shot of Crown Royal. If you don’t already know, Tin Roof Brewing Company is a local brewing company that calls Baton Rouge, LA home. Talk about staying local! Show some hometown pride and order yourself a Tailgater.

We hope to see you at Olive Or Twist sometime soon! And remember they are open all year long, so feel free to stop by for a regular drink anytime.

Until next time readers, please drink responsibly and keep smiling.

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