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With January already almost over, it’s official that the new year is here. Can you believe it? Baton Rouge, LA dental implant provider Dr. Barksdale, as well as the rest of his staff, can’t wait to get this year off to a healthy start. Seeing as we are a dental office that means our main job is promoting the health and wellness of not only your mouth, but your entire body too. This is because oral health and overall health go hand in hand!

Two other things that go hand in hand are the beginning of a new year and new year’s resolutions. Now, we all know that new year’s resolutions are famous for revolving around improving health. Often times they consist of plans to eat healthier, exercise more, or just lose weight altogether. However, one other thing we all know is that often the motivation behind new year’s fade by the time February rolls around.

With that being said, we have decided to post an article that may help you stay on the healthy train for good this time. One thing many people can agree they need more of is healthy physical activity. However, a large portion of people cannot simply walk into a gym and lift heavy weights for one reason or another. It can be hard to find a low impact form of exercise that actually benefits your body in a measurable amount. However, yoga is one of those rare gems. Because of this, we have decided to tell you a little bit about our favorite local yoga studio – Yoga Bliss.

Start off the New Year with Yoga Bliss

Yoga is a great way to both calm your mind and give your body healthy physical activity that it needs to stay strong and mobile. One thing that is in abundance in the modern day world is stress and over stimulation, at least mentally. This is why many of us have so much trouble sleeping, and such a hard time relaxing. With computers, phones, and TVs seeming to be on none stop, it’s no wonder really.

So, what’s a person to do? Technology and the wild world we live in aren’t slowing down anytime soon. I that case, it’s time to adapt. We learn to find peace amidst the chaos. Yoga is a way to do this, and that very same peace of mind can be found at Yoga Bliss. The best part is you can meditate while exercising as well. That’s the art of yoga!

“Yoga Bliss is the fruit of dedicated yoga students and teachers who are on the same organic journey of life…where we are all connected, seeking peace, excellent physical and mental health, love and bliss. The mission of Yoga Bliss is to provide a sanctuary for our community where great transformation can take place physically, mentally and spiritually through Yoga.” – yogablissbatonrouge.com

A few things we can all agree people need more of are love, bliss, and both physical and mental health. So, let’s get out there this year and get healthy!

Also… floss more! (hey, we ARE dentists after all.)

Until next time readers, go do some yoga and keep smiling.

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