Dental Implants Defy Bone Deficiency

Dr. Barksdale is here blogging today to sympathize with patients that suffer from osteoporosis and offer supplemental procedures that will allow them to qualify for dental implantation in the future.

Osteoporosis is a horrible disease that doesn’t allow new bone growth in place of old and damaged bones and causes the bones to weaken and become brittle. This can be quite a complication for these patients to qualify for dental implant procedures due to the lack of tissue necessary and vital to the success of dental implants. As patients lose a tooth or teeth, the tissue can weaken from the lack of exercise and healthy movement. Just as we need to work out our muscles to keep them toned and in shape, we are actually supposed to do the same with our gum tissue. For patients lack the proper amount of tissue in this area, dentists will suggest a soft tissue augmentation. During this procedure Dr. Barksdale will remove excess soft tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth gently and place it into the gum area of the mouth. Over the next couple weeks the patient will recover from this and regain strength in the gums again.

As as a patient is diagnosed with osteoporosis, they start to lose density in their bones; this includes the jawbone as well. For a patient that lacks the proper structure and strength of jawbone, they will suggest a bone grafting procedure. A bone graft is a bone tissue transplant in which the dentist replaces the fractured and damaged bone with new and healthy osseous tissue. The new bone is generally extracted from the patient’s hip, but doctors give patients the option of using healthy animal bone. Considering this procedure can be quite taxing on the patient, it can take 3-4 months to recover from a bone grafting. Patients that follow the strict instructions regarding rest, exercise, eating and drinking, given to them by the doctor will recover and heal in a timely manner.

Once the patient has healed properly the doctor will approve them as a good candidate for dental implants. They make slight incisions in the gums to gently embed the titanium screws into the jawbone. For the next couple months a process called osseointegration will ensue in which the titanium will naturally and biocompatibly fuse into the jawbone to function as a real part of the oral system. Once this process is completed, the dental implants can work just as the natural teeth for the patient, sometimes even stronger.

Finally, the patient is ready for the porcelain crowns to be attached to the dental implant abutments to secure a permanent and comfortable fit for the patient. We spend a great deal of time matching and comparing every dental implant to the patient’s real and natural teeth when it comes to the sizing, shape, contrast and color. Dental implants provide a comfort and confidence in biting, chewing, speaking and especially smiling. They even the ability to decrease appearance of wrinkles and give patients a more youthful and rested look and smile.

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Even in the darkest times with bone deficiency diseases, Dr. Barksdale wants to do everything he can to make sure all patients can qualify for dental implants. Please take advantage of our life- changing supplemental procedures that will allow patients to experience the leading tooth loss solution in the industry. Call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barksdale at (225) 228-4331

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