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Dr. Barksdale is here blogging today from Baton Rouge, LA telling his patients not to worry about finances when it comes to dental implantation procedures, thanks to his personalized payment plants and work with various insurance providers. We understand that the price tag on dental implants can be quite intimidating and stressful, but here at Barksdale Family Dentistry we want to alleviate your dental and monetary worries for good. Through various payment plans and working with insurance benefits, Dr. Barksdale helps patients afford the dental implant procedures in a convenient and stress- free manner.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the industry is “how much dental implants cost?” We couldn’t be more understanding of the persistent curiosity of our patients and potential patients. Although it almost impossible to give them specific price, we generally range our dental implantation process from $1,000 to $4,000. The individual’s price is contingent upon the physical state of the gums, jawbone and overall oral cavity.

When patients lose a tooth or teeth, they tend to avoid using the empty spaces in the mouth to chew and bite food; rightfully so. However, what patients do not know is that by refraining from using this particular area, the gums and jaw are not receiving the necessary exercise they need to remain healthy. Just as we workout our muscles to keep them firm and in shape, we must do the same with the gum tissue and jawbone.

If Dr. Barksdale finds that a patient has suffered severe damage in the gums and no longer possess the needed amount of gum tissue, he will schedule them a soft tissue augmentation procedure. A soft tissue augmentation is a procedure in which the doctor extracts excess soft tissue from the roof of the mouth and places it into the gum area to rebuild and reconstruct the amount of tissue in the gum. Having an ample amount of gum tissue in the mouth is vital to the process of dental implantation considering the gums are what secure and protect the dental implants for years and years.

Just as gum tissue plays a major role, a sufficient amount, strength and structure of bone in the jaw is vital to the success of dental implantation. If Dr. Barksdale finds that the patient lacks the proper amount of bone in the jaw due to oral neglect, he will schedule a bone grafting procedure. A bone graft is a bone tissue transplant in which the doctor replaces the fractured or damaged osseous tissue with new and healthy bone to regain strength and structure in the jaw. The excess bone is normally extracted from the patient’s hip, but they also have the option of using bone from cow. This procedure takes from about 3-4 months to recover from and allows the patient to regain strength in the jaw naturally.

Finally, the patient will be ready to receive the dental implants into the spaces in the mouth. We spend a great deal of time matching and comparing them to every one of the individual’s teeth when it comes to the sizing, shape, contrast and coloring.

When it comes to the cost of this important procedure, we sympathize with patient’s hesitation, but we are here to ease those monetary worries. Here at Barksdale Family Dentistry, we work with various insurance providers that work to maximize insurance benefits for patients. We aslo offer Care Credit that is a credit card specifically for paying off this procedure, interest- free, a little at a time; this works for procedures up at $25,000. The ease of signing up for Care Credit could not be topped, with the simple online register, within minutes you could be on your way to affording dental implants.

We always accept cash, personal checks, all major credit cards, and debit cards.

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