Reclaim A Full set of teeth and a fulfilling life with Dental implants in Baton Rouge

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Dental Implants are a great solution for anyone who wants to:

Replace missing teeth. 
Secure loose, bulky dentures.
Speak clearly and normally again.
Enjoy a greater variety of foods.
Regain self-confidence.
Laugh and smile confidently.
Protect dental health.

Full Mouth Dental Implants And Other Solutions

Dentures have been available for many years and are still widely used today. They are an economical option and can generally produce good results. However, some patients find them problematic because they slip out of place, irritate the gums, and limit the types of food you can eat.

Anchored in your mouth, implant supported dentures are a more secure option, allowing you to enjoy eating again. Full mouth dental implants are the gold standard in total tooth replacement. They last longer, look more natural, and require less maintenance than other methods. You’re just three steps away from a fully restored implant-based smile!

Fixed hybrid teeth are also an option to replace uncomfortable dentures. These are a full arch of teeth that are held by implants and don’t come in and out of the mouth like dentures do. Hybrid dental implants function just like a set of natural teeth!

We have the ability to place implants and on the same day, place a set of teeth that are fixed and attached to your implants!

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